The Webmaster Speaks

Pardon our mess.

The RRSO website is being redesigned so it is FLUID and looks great on desktops, tablets and phones.  A LOT of chess websites (and far too many websites - IMHO) are still using outdated HTML code.  When the screen size shrinks a lot of the webpage is covered up and has to be scrolled to view the content.  Sometimes that's not even possible.  A lot of phone browsers try compensating for this by shrinking the entire page so it fits on the small screen.  The problem is a lot of users can go blind trying to read all the fine print!

FLUID designed websites, like this one, are a much better way to go, especially for chess.  Unfortunately, the conversion process is tedious and the cost for most business websites is the same as when their original website was created using the old HTML code.

So, why are we doing this?  Because RRSO Chess Players are the most fanatical chess players anywhere and deserve the best!  All chess websites need to raise their game.  Chess games and boards need to be sized so they are viewable and enjoyable on any screen.  And the text needs to be readable without fear of blindness.

While upgrading this website we will appreciate you sending any of the following to:

  • Comments and Suggestions
  • RRSO Photos
  • RRSO Games

REMINDER:  If you are a Serious Chess Player in Oklahoma or Texas, RRSO XIV is already scheduled and waiting for you.  Join the fun!